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1 hour consultation
R 1150
⦁ You are welcome to book an appointment to seek parenting advice or support
1 hour follow up assessment includes assessment, report and feedback session
R 2100
⦁ For people who have undergone a full-psychoeducational assessment and are looking for a brief follow-up assessment to determine the impact of interventions.
1 ½ hour screening assessment includes assessment, report and feedback session
R 3650
⦁ This abbreviated assessment is be used to determine if there is a need for a full psycho-educational assessment
School readiness assessment / developmental assessment, report and feedback session
R 4000
⦁ School readiness assessment / developmental assessment includes assessment, report and feedback session. School readiness and developmental assessments consider the emotional, social and intellectual maturity of a child. A child is considered to be school ready when they can meet the formal demands of school and cope with the school environment physically, perceptually, socially, emotionally and academically without undue stress.
Careers or subject choice assessment includes assessment, report and feedback session
R 4400
⦁ A career focused battery involves intelligence assessments, aptitude tests, personality questionnaires and interest inventories to identify preferences in certain occupations.
Full psychoeducational assessment includes assessment, report and feedback session
R 4400
⦁ Psycho-educational assessment is an umbrella term which encompasses different types of assessments undertaken for different reasons. More often than not they are recommended to establish whether learning difficulties may be present and preventing the child from achieving their potential.
Concessions/access arrangement assessment includes assessment, report and feedback session
R 4900
⦁ Examinations should be a fair test of an individual’s knowledge and what they are able to do. If someone has a disability or learning difficulty, the usual format of exams may not be suitable. Adjustments may need to be made for them, e.g. exam papers in large print, extra time, a scribe, a reader, use of a computer, etc.
Forensic medical negligence assessments, includes expert report but does not cover additional documentation (such as amendments, joint minutes, etc.) or meetings and court appearance
Cost on application
⦁ Medical negligence assessments are concerned with claims against doctors and other healthcare professionals and their employers. The courts rely on the opinions of medical experts for information regarding the appropriateness of the treatment provided to you. Expert opinion is provided in a written report.

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We can chat over the phone to see if an assessment is right for you. Bookings are made only after we’ve identified your needs and circumstances.

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