Talks, lectures, guest speaking and workshops.

I love presenting workshops for children, adolescents, families, teachers and other professionals.

For many years I have addressed common childhood issues such as social skills,  building self-esteem, learning difficulties, anger management, school readiness and raising happy children. I aim to create workshops or presentations tailored to the audience and their needs or interests.

I have lectured at universities, mainly on assessments but also on developmental psychology and neuropsychology.

For many years, I was a regular guest on various TV shows in South Africa and also contributed regularly to magazines and publications.

In the school setting, I have created education and health care plans that can be used by students, teachers, school counsellors and other professionals working with children and young people.

During my time in private practice, I have supervised other psychologists and interns and run workshops and seminars.

My background in both the teaching and practice of psychology is broad. If you have a particular interest or need, please ask and I would be glad to let you know what I could do for your organisation.

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