What makes a good assessment?

What are the components of a good assessment?

⦁ Referral questions / reason for assessment
⦁ Background information, including a comprehensive evaluation of psychological, emotional, attention and learning issues and a review of prior school and medical records
⦁ Assessment procedures
⦁ Assessment results
⦁ Interpretation of results
⦁ Report of results and recommendations
⦁ Expect direct observation in natural and/or clinical settings (when appropriate), the completion of behaviour rating scales, and personal interviews
⦁ All results are strictly confidential and are only released with the client’s consent

It must be noted that a psychological report is not intended to be a complete statement about an individual. It deals with specific aspects at a certain time in a child’s life and gives an indication of possible areas of strength and weakness at this time. Care must be taken, therefore, not to assume that the contents of this report apply indefinitely.

Please note that the opinion and recommendations in any report are based on the information made available at the time of this assessment and would be subject to review following the receipt of any additional or updated information

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